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National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) is one of the government owned company and served as the provider and generator of electricity in the country. NAPOCOR implemented the government’s national policy objective for the total electrification of the Philippines so as to boost the industry and the economy in general. Providing electricity to small islands and far flung areas however, is not cost effective through the Grid System powered by NAPOCOR and other privately owned power plants. To address this concern, Power Dimension Inc. (PDI), as commissioned by NAPOCOR uses Photo Voltaic System to provide electricity to ninety (90) barangays with a total of 3,410 households in the provinces of Samar and Antique in Regions VI & VIII. The use of Photo Voltaic System in this project was the very first in the entire Philippines that uses such technology. The aim to provide electricity to small islands/coastal barangays and far flung areas mostly upland areas that considered unviable and not connected to grid was achieved through this project that PDI has installed, tested and commissioned.

Northwind Power Development Corporation (NPDC), a subsidiary of Michigan Power Inc., generates renewable energy of up to 74,482 MW annually through Bangui Bay Windmills and sells this electricity to Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative (INEC). The Bangui Bay Windmill project was built to avert the expensive but unreliable power supply in the region because of the long-distance transmission power from the generation plant. Ilocos Norte is located at the end of the power grid that comes from Bauang, La Union. This project was developed in two phases, first phase of which erected 15 wind turbines that produces the expected power that answers the 40% of the power supply need of Ilocos Norte. To increase this power contribution to 70%, Phase II of the project was constructed by Power Dimension Inc., adding 5 more wind turbines. The additional 5 wind turbines, carries the same capacity of the existing 15 wind turbines. The distribution line in the first phase was constructed underground. This method of distribution poses problem since the line cuts across the Bangui River. When it floods, it destroys the concrete duct that provides protection to the underground cables. In Phase II, PDI installed the 15kV distribution line overhead to stay away from the existing problem of the first phase’s distribution line. The usual cable used for overhead distribution line is bare. To ensure the efficiency of power distribution to its end users, PDI uses insulated cable for this project.