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True to its mandate, National Power Corporation (NPC) continually implements the national policy objective for the total electrification of the Philippines. Another remote area NPC provided with electricity is Lubang. Lubang, a 4th class municipality of Occidental Mindoro is located in the western part of Lubang Island. Geographically, the island is located in the northwest of the northern end of Mindoro and due to its location, it is not connected to the grid system of the mainland of Mindoro. NPC built through Power Dimension Inc. (PDI) 2 x 500 kW diesel power plant. PDI constructed the power facilities (Civil Works), installed, tested and commissioned the electro-mechanical equipment including the supply of balance of plant (BOP) of the said power plant. This project served 16 barangays in the Municipality of Lubang, with a total of 5,082 households.

Another rural area the National Power Corporation supplied with electric power through the off-grid system is Almagro. This 5th class municipality of Western Samar is located about 12 kilometers away from its province capital, Catbalogan City. The mini-grid system that NPC built through the services of Power Dimension Inc. is intended to provide total electrification of the eight (8) barangays of Almagro. Most of these barangays are located far away from the municipal center. PDI reconfigures the switchyard, supplied, installed and tested the diesel generator set at Costa Rica DPP. Included in this project is the erection of 13.8 kV distribution line at Lunang DPP for the grid extension of approximately 7.85 circuit kilometers that provides power to barangays Marasbaras, San Isidro, Bacjao, Mabuhay, Guinansan, Talahid and Tonga-tonga.